Frank Turner's new album will include re-worked version of some of his old songs.

The 35-year-old singer-songwriter will drop his forthcoming LP 'Songbook' on November 24 and, although he wants to build the suspense for his fans over the next few weeks, he's teased that it will be predominately made up of his old hits.

Speaking about the release on Facebook, he said: ''I'm very excited to share with you all the news of my forthcoming album 'Songbook'.

''I wanted to release a document of what I've done so far, including my favourite recorded songs, 10 new alternative versions of older songs, and one new track. It's a moment of reflection and celebration of my work as a songwriter to date.''

However, he also reassured fans that his next album after this release will be in 2018 and some of the tracks may be based on Donald Trump's US Presidential triumph.

He said recently: ''I've got a mountain of new material at the moment but I have two reservations about it. The first being that I feel 'Positive Songs ...' felt like a sort of conclusionary statement. It wasn't written that way, but looking back on it feels like that's me wrapping up a certain era of my songwriting.

''Another way of saying it is I feel like I have the opportunity to go somewhere new and somewhere different at this point, so I'm thinking about doing something reasonably radically different next time round, but we'll see.

''And of course, [since Trump won the election] I've been thinking about trying to react to the world as it is in 2016 perhaps a bit more openly in my art.''