Review of Vital Signs Single by Frank Turner

Frank Turner
Vital Signs
Single Review

Frank Turner Vital Signs Single

As the former frontman with prototype emo nu-metallers Million Dead, it’s probably fair to say that his solo output was always going to go one of two ways.

On one hand you’ve got the kind of shout rock over fourth-hand Sabbath riffs played by session musos that Andrew WK made popular for about three minutes in 2001 or there’s the more subtle, grab an acoustic guitar and tell the world how everyone hates me and I hate myself too and want to die boreathons of Get Cape…

Thankfully, Our Frank has chosen to accept the offers of either, preferring instead to write the kind of upbeat-yet-down-to-earth pop songs that only someone who’s been there, done it, bought the t-shirt and burnt it soon after would thoroughly comprehend.

If the majority of the UK’s record buying public concentrated on the songs they were hearing rather than the marketing advice of the ITV production team, this would be a prime candidate for Christmas Number One. Sadly they don’t, but don’t despair, as surely Frank Turner’s star will shine the brightest given time.

Dom Gourlay

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