Singing legend Frank Sinatra flew into a violent rage after former US President JOHN F KENNEDY snubbed him to stay with singer Bing Crosby during a trip to California, according to a new biography of the star.

SINATRA: THE LIFE, by ANTHONY SUMMERS and ROBBYN SWAN, claims Sinatra had his Palm Springs mansion completely refurbished to create a "western White House" ready for the president's 1962 visit - and was furious when Kennedy chose to spend time with Cosby instead.

Fellow ratpacker Peter Lawford remembers in the book, "He spent thousands. Put in guest quarters, extra telephones, even a helipad.

"All to accommodate the president. Sinatra had it in his head that his house would become sort of western White House."

Lawford was called upon to give Sinatra the bad news - and bore the brunt of his frustration.

Actor Sonny King tells the authors of Sinatra: The Life, "Frank grabbed him by the neck. He didn't hit him but he threw him down some stairs, told him he never wanted to see his face again."

12/05/2005 17:43