Frank Sinatra's first driver's licence has sold at auction for $15,757 (£9,848).

The legendary singer's New Jersey permit, which was issued in 1934 - when the crooner was just 19 years old, features the misspelled name of "Francis Sintra" and lists his address as 841 Garden Street, Hoboken.

The yellowed piece of paper went up for sale on the website of Massachusetts-based RR Auction and the winning bid when the sale closed on Thursday night (26Jun14) was placed by a mystery buyer.

The new owner of the text-only licence, which Sinatra obtained just one year before he landed his big break in the music industry, also claims a letter to the state Commissioner of Motor Vehicles from the lawyer of a man who had been involved in a car crash with the star.

The missive, written in 1940, suggested Sinatra's "driving privileges be revoked until he pays up" for damages.