Frank Ocean ended 2012 with a spot of legal drama, when he was stopped by cops for speeding on New Year’s Eve, and a small amount of marijuana was discovered in his car. Ocean’s clearly not big on ‘learning from his mistakes,’ as he was actually stopped for speeding the day before, on the very same stretch of road in California, but travelling in the opposite direction.

When the cops pulled the 25 year-old R&B star over, they could smell marijuana in the car and after a search, found a “small bag of marijuana in his possession,” according to BBC News. He had been driving 90mph (145kph) in a 65mph (105kph) area. As if speeding a drug possession weren’t enough, though, Frank was also warned that he could be fined for driving on a suspended license and for having tinted front windows. His license was taken away from him and Frank was unable to drive home, so a friend of the singer, who was in the car with him, had to drive the car away. His representative, Heathcliff Berru, reportedly declined to comment on the incident.

Frank seemed relatively nonplussed by the whole ordeal, if his Twitter page was anything to go by and he certainly wasn’t going to be drawn into any public apology. “hi guys, i smoke pot. ok guys, bye” came the tweet from Frank in response to news reports of the situation. Well, that clears that up, then.