On New Years Eve Frank Ocean was driving in Mono County, CA with a friend when he was pulled over by cops for speeding. Smelling marijuana in the car the police searched the singer and found a bag of weed on him, subsequently meaning that he lost his license. 

As TMZ reported, he was also 'cited' for having tinted windows, which isn't allowed for the windows of either the driver's window, front passenger windows or front window screen, plus his license is already suspended so the cops took his drivers license away meaning that his friend had to drive them both home.

Ocean's second solo album Channel Orange has enjoyed incredible critical and commercial success this year with many publications citing it as the year's best album, including Billboard, the Guardian and HMV's poll of polls. The singer has also pushed the boundaries of hip hop this year when he confessed to falling in love with a man, which largely goes against the male bravado that defines a lot of the genre's popular lyricism. His 'coming out' was met with enormous support and congratulations from his peers and fans alike.

Plus, having been described as a "wildly original talent" by the Guardian, and given that he's generally so good we're sure he can be forgiven. And while he's waiting for the return of his license he can just hire a chauffeur.