Based on Frank Miller's latest graphic novel Xerxes, 300: Rise of an Empire hits theaters in the U.S this weekend and continuing the blockbusting 300 saga. The latest move pits Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton)  against a massive charge of invading Persian forces, which sounds great, but did the writers forget to provide anything besides visually spectacular battle scenes?

300 Rise of an Empire300 Rise of An Empire is Visually Impressive

Our very own Rich Cline said: " the end, it's the limp plot and soggy fake-Shakespearean dialog that sinks the movie. Although fans of torso porn will be looking forward to another chapter."

"The spectacularly brutal fighting is the film's main calling card, and in that "Rise of an Empire" doesn't disappoint," wrote Betsy Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times.

"The naval collisions and melees play out in panel-like renderings that are bold and satisfying for the first half-hour but lack the momentum and bombastic je ne sais quoi of "300" said Nicolas Rapold of the New York Times.

"Murro has a very tiresome habit, whenever anyone gets stabbed or slashed, of switching suddenly to slo-mo so that the gout of blood can spray languidly across the screen," said Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian.

Eva Green 300 Rise of an EmpireEva Green Stars in '300 Rise of an Empire'

"The slow-motion battle scenes are technically impressive and occasionally elegant, but there's enough machismo here to choke a thousand NFL locker rooms," wrote Drew Hunt of the Chicago Reader.

The original director Zack Snyder has been far too busy with the Superman reboot, Man of Steel, and upcoming Superman vs. Batman movie, so filmmaker Noam Murro had big shoes to film. Murro's only previous directorial credit was the indie comedy Smart People.

During an interview with Crave Online, Murro discussed the influence of the original movie, which starred Gerard Butler in his biggest and best role to date.

"Well, it was astonishing and a game changer, and it was unbelievable thing. I think that the beauty of this is we didn't repeat ourselves" he said.

300: Rise of an Empire is out in the US from today (March 7, 2014).

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