Frank Langella has starred alongside a whole host of varying movie stars in his long career, but in his new film Robot and Frank, he will star alongside his most unconventional co-star to date, a robot!
The upcoming futuristic flick Robot and Frank, see's Langella star as a retired jewel thief who makes a new friend like no other. The robot, who is voiced by actor Peter Sarsgaard and controlled by the movements of dancer Rachael Ma, is the brainchild of special effects master Tony Gardner, who has created such cinematic memorabilia as the killer Chucky doll for the Child's Play movies, John Travolta's fat suit for 2007's Hairspray and James Franco's severed arm for the 2010 Danny Boyle film 127 Hours.
The film is set in the not too distant future, and follows the exploits of Frank's ex-jewel thief character and his robot butler, a gift from his son, James Marsden. Although the robot is programmed to look after him, the two companions soon rediscover Frank's past and the two try their luck as one of the most unconventional heist teams in movie history.
The film, out already in the Usa but not due out in the UK until early next year, also stars Liv Tyler, Jeremy Strong and SUsaN SARANDON.