Frank Langella has been praised for his role in 'Robot and Frank'.

According to critic Alison Gang, the 74-year-old actor creates a ''completely believable'' Bond between his alter-ego Frank and the robot, who is voiced by Peter Sarsgaard, in the comedy drama animation movie.

She wrote in the San Diego Union-Tribune: ''Langella builds a completely believable, one-way emotional Bond with a piece of machinery that, while impressive in its fictional programming, is little more than a piece of glossy, white plastic with an on/off switch. Even the most gargantuan special-effects budget can't pull off that feat.''

What's more, Alison insists that viewers will be ''happy'' to watch the movie thanks to Frank's ''extraordinary'' portrayal of his alter-ego and the film's ''light human comedy''.

She added: '''Robot & Frank' is a light human comedy with a bittersweet, not overly sentimental touch. It's also an affirmation of Langella's extraordinary talent. He creates a character full of contradictions and questionable morals, yet you're more than happy to spend the entire film with him.''