Just over a year after the release of The Purge, James DeMonaco will drop the next instalment of the chilling sci-fi thriller, The Purge: Anarchy. The original bombed with critics but fared surprisingly well at the box office, making $90 million on a $3 million budget and meaning an even more terrifying sequel was given the go-ahead straight away.

The idea behind The Purge is pretty simple yet chillingly believable: once a year on "Purge Night," everything becomes legal in America, including robbery, rape and murder, for 12 hours. The back-story is that the government needed a way to control the population whilst keeping crime down and for 364.5 days a year, US citizens enjoy a utopia of zero crime and high employment.

Whilst the first movie saw Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey harbour a murderous syndicate during the purge, meaning a chilling band of killers is brought to their front door. In Anarchy, a couple are risking their safety by driving home late on the night of the purge but they think they'll just about make it.

In an unfortunate and predictable twist, their car breaks down with no one to come out and help them because all emergency services have been temporarily suspended. What follows is a race for their lives through the city as masked purgers pursue them on motorbikes and what seems like the whole country gets down to business on the bloodiest night of the year.

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The clever appeal of The Purge comes from the cathartic and relatable idea of being able to commit as much crime and avenge as many wrongs as you want as well as the concept of a governmentally-authorised lack of humanity. However, it seems that DeMonaco and co., including producer Michael Bay, have set their sights too low once again.

The first movie did badly with critics because of all the plot holes and a badly-executed premise. Not to mention a lack of scope where crime-committing is concerned and the missed opportunity to make a much more hard-hitting political statement as other dystopian sci-fi films have done.

The Purge looked at the night of crime through the eyes of victims and it looks like Anarchy will do the same. Perhaps, in the inevitable third movie, we'll see the purge night through the eyes of a motivated individual who actually finds the event useful.

The Purge: Anarchy will be released on the 20th June in the USA and on the 2nd July in the UK.

The Purge: Anarchy
'The Purge: Anarchy' Will Hit Cinemas This Summer.