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Francis Rossi On Status Quo's Touring Future: I'm Getting Rusty

Francis Rossi says the "uppermost thought" on his mind with regards to how much longer Status Quo can tour is the "physicality" of their live shows.The rock 'n' roll group's co-founder turns 72 on Saturday...

Status Quo Stars Overwhelmed By Late Fan's Tribute

Status Quo stars Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi were overwhelmed with emotion when they were presented with a tapestry created by a late fan who sewed the huge piece using his teeth following a crippling...

Francis Rossi Retires Favourite Guitar

Veteran rocker Francis Rossi has been forced to retire his trademark guitar because it no longer stays in tune.The Status Quo rocker is devastated that he has had to hang up his beloved 1957 Fender...

Francis Rossi Blames Aides For Amy Winehouse's Death

Veteran rocker Francis Rossi blames Amy Winehouse's closest advisers for her death, accusing them of encouraging her hellraising behaviour instead of trying to stop it.The Rehab hitmaker died from alcohol poisoning in July, 2011 at...

Francis Rossi Predicted Rick Parfitt's Health Crisis

Rocker Francis Rossi rolled over and went back to sleep when he was told his Status Quo bandmate Rick Parfitt had been hospitalised with chest pains because he was convinced his heart problems were self-inflicted.Parfitt...

Rick Parfitt "Back Rocking Soon" After Cancelling Status Quo Gigs

Rick Parfitt, guitarist in the legendary UK boogie-woogie rock band Status Quo for fifty years, has been hospitalised whilst on tour in Europe which has resulted in a slew of gigs being cancelled over the...

Status Quo Launch Their Own Beer

Status Quo rockers Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt have become the latest celebrity beer makers following the launch of their new brew, Piledriver.The Rockin' All Over The World hitmakers have teamed up with experts at...

Francis Rossi Of Status Quo Reveals Odd Jimmy Savile Invitation

As more and more harrowing stories of Jimmy Savile's alleged case continue to get released, it's not just the poor victims that have something to say. Celebrities and people that knew Savile are also enlightening...

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