Francis Ford Coppola has spoken of his regret at making The Godfather sequels, claiming he should have stopped after the first movie. Upon its release in 1974, The Godfather 2 won universal acclaim as well as an Academy Award for Best Picture, but Coppola claims it should never have seen the light of day.
The filmmaker was asked by a reporter in Los Angeles if he would ever consider returning to the Godfather saga for a new movie, to which he replied, "There should have only been one". The first movie, released in 1972 and starring Marlon Brando was heralded as ground-breaking cinema, but it was the sequel starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro that received even higher levels of acclaim. Some fans suggested the third movie, released in 1990, tainted the trilogy and it certainly received less than enthusiastic reviews from critics. During a question and answer session at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this year, Coppola spoke of his time as a young filmmaker and his penchant from directing "little art films", saying, "I had to get a job, and of course, the job was The Godfather.That made me be something I didn't know I was going to be. I became a big-shot director. If you take a young Long Island Italian guy and give him endless possibilities, then you'll see what kind of crazy things I did in the course of my career".
The 72-year-old, who also directed Apocalypse Now, premiered his latest movie 'Twixt' at the Toronto Film Festival this year. The horror-thriller stars Val Kilmer as a struggling writer who arrives in a small town as part of a book tour but soon gets wound up in a murder hunt. The UK's Guardian newspaper were left somewhat deflated by the movie, with critic Catherine Shoard writing, "People raised their hands in joy when Coppola announced he was returning to horror after his recent wobbly adventures in the arthouse. They'll be begging him to reconsider - or perhaps just simply to stop - after seeing this".