Though Frances McDormand is said to have passed on the role of Joker's mother Penny in Todd Phillips' upcoming origins film for the Clown Prince of Crime, those working behind-the-scenes are now said to be in negotiations with another Frances of the acting world; Frances Conroy.

Could Frances Conroy play Joker's mother in 'Joker'?Could Frances Conroy play Joker's mother in 'Joker'?

A leaked casting breakdown that came earlier this year described Penny as a woman aged between 60-74, whose health has gotten so poor that she's forced to remain in her bed in the Lowest East Side apartment where she resides. Refusing to accept the fate that awaits her, and still "obsessed with her former employer", she's somebody who has to deal with the re-arrival of her grown son when he moves back in with her.

That son is of course the Joker, set to be played by Joaquin Phoenix, and according to The Wrap, Conroy is nearing a deal to step onto the big screen alongside the star. Whilst the two haven't worked together before, we imagine the chemistry between them will be fantastic. Conroy has proven her acting chops in various seasons of Ryan Murphy's hit series 'American Horror Story', and Phoenix has shined in a number of different roles, from 'Gladiator' to 'Walk the Line'.

It was also reported a little earlier this month that Zazie Beetz of 'Deadpool 2' is in talks to take on the role of a single mother in the movie, who catches Joker's attention. If she signs up, it's likely she'll be starring alongside not only Conroy and Phoenix, but Robert De Niro, who may take a supporting role.

Phillips is not the only man working on the script for the film, with Scott Silver serving as co-writer. Phillips will however direct solo, with the iconic Martin Scorsese producing.

'Joker' could prove to be a major success for DC, and if so, it will likely convince the studios to move ahead with more non-canon and separate films that aren't a part of the Worlds of DC universe currently being established. That's exciting for comic book fans, as it means they'll get yet another layer of storytelling up on the big screen. Bring it on.

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We'll bring you more news surrounding the Joker origins movie as and when we get it.