A music producer hired to work on Foxy Brown's new album has criticised the hip-hop star for missing a number of studio sessions and has vowed to take legal action over her "deceptive" antics.
Brown recently accused her former manager Bernadette Brennan of posing as her current manager and releasing "fake" news about her career, and she also took aim at Daddy Digg$, who runs Platinum Camp Productions, alleging he helped spread stories about a "fake" song in a bid to "get famous". The star threatened legal action against both Brennan and Digg$.
Brennan spoke out about Brown's comments this week (beg03Jan11), accusing the star of indulging in "self-destructive behaviour" and threatening legal action of her own to recoup money from missed studio time.
And Digg$ has now joined in criticism of the star, claiming she was unreliable during work on her album and accusing her of "playing" both him and Brennan.
He tells the New York Daily News, "She can't meet deadlines on anything... She was playing us both. Very deceptive, and it hurts the credibility of our companies."
Digg$ claims to have heavily invested in Brown's record and tells the publication he is also planning to file a lawsuit against Brown over his lost money.