Hip-hop star Foxy Brown was asked to leave a fashion show she was booked to perform at in New York last week (16Feb11).
TMZ.com reports the I'll Be hitmaker allegedly turned up at the Indashio event late and intoxicated.
She was so late, the party was almost over when she arrived - and guests were leaving.
The website claims Foxy locked herself in a bathroom and refused to come out.
Event organisers aren't the only ones questioning Brown's attitude and behaviour - producer Daddy Digg$ recently slammed the hip-hop star for missing a number of studio sessions and is planning to take legal action over her "deceptive" antics.
Digg$ told the New York Daily News, "She can't meet deadlines on anything... Very deceptive, and it hurts the credibility of our companies."
Meanwhile, her former manager Bernadette Brennan has accused the star of indulging in "self-destructive behaviour" and is threatening legal action of her own to recoup money from missed studio time.