Review of Time Is of The Essence Single by Fort Lauderdale

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11. Fort Lauderdale Time Is of The Essence (Album - Memphis Industries)
Time Is of The Essence is an original and sometimes haphazard blending of musical styles spanning different decades and utilising an alarming number of different styles and instruments. The one common denominator however is the drama, from John Barry (We Aint Got No Money, Honey) to Gary Numan (Miami Girls in Slow Motion) Fort Lauderdale have a knack for injecting a super dose of spunk (pardon the French) into everything they do.

Soundscapes etched from sumptuous violins, spindly eighties electronica, Pink Floyd screaming guitars and endearing childlike acoustics keep their heads well above water and manage to override the few moments which sound just that touch too B Side.

Along similar but more diverse lines to contemporaries Icebreaker International, their ambidextrous talents make for an intrepid album, coloured with laid-back musical imagery that teases and pleases in places you never imagined.