Review of Traces of Places Until the Morning EP Single by Fort Lauderdale

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5. Fort Lauderdale "Traces of Places Until the Morning EP" (12" - Memphis Industries)
Following on from their applauded and yet sadly ignored debut album of 1999 the duo of Steve Webster and Toby Jenkins return in style. The four tracks here are a concoction of dark sound experimentations, electronic spaceage sounds and cinematic perceptions.

Visions of future music (Neon Nights) mixed with the centuries old sound of the harpsichord (Electric Hells Angels), the delicate touches of chimes (Miami Girls In Slow Motion) and the eerie wail of violins (The Shadow of My Former Self).

These certainly aren't what you'd call dancefloor tracks but you know what they say. "A change is a good as a rest" and perhaps it's now the time to change your tune and put your feet up.