Review of Fool's Gold Album by Fool's Gold

Review of the self-titled debut album from Fool's Gold

Fool's Gold Fool's Gold Album

Continuously compared to Vampire Weekend, Fools Gold are a Californian 12 piece that consist of members from all over South America as well as former We Are Scientists drummer Michael Tapper.

What separates Fools Gold from fellow Californians Vampire Weekend is singer and bass player Luke Tops decision to mainly sing in Hebrew, adding an original touch to an already eclectic sound. Fusing Afro beat with synths and 60s guitars is a mix that looks erratic on paper but actually comes together in a most surprisingly joyous way. Yam Lo Moshech, which consists of tribal drums and spiky guitar riffs, is a perfect example of Fools Gold mixing their musical ingredients competently.

Surprise Hotel makes for a joyous opener with its looping drums and guitar riff, whereas Nadine provides a required increase in pace in terms of drumming as well as a helping of Columbian horns. Poseidon provides the album with its most popish sounding track, adding funky guitars and a melodic chorus which is backed up brilliantly by a backing group of singers. However, it's on stand out track Ha Dvash that Fools Gold show their true class. It can't be easy standing out when in a 12 piece band but guitarist Lewis Pesacov manages just that with his insane playing on the track. His playing is at times so fast that its gives the impression that you're listening to a Hindu God with eight arms. Perhaps it really was after all?

One thing that's certain after listening to Fools Gold's debut, is that they don't deserve to be labelled as bandwagon jumpers, attaching themselves to a genre of music that's currently 'fashionable'. As it's clear from their ability and genuine style that Fools Gold are a band that feel passionately about this style of music and go about proving it in the form of their exciting debut album.

Sam Marland

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