Foo Fighters have been confirmed to play Dave Chappelle’s post-election ‘Saturday Night Live’ episode this weekend.

After Dave Grohl and co left cryptic billboards seemingly teasing their 10th studio album dotted around, the US rockers have been confirmed for Saturday's (07.11.20) show hosted by the comedian.

Fans believe the band might even debut new material from their follow-up to 2017's 'Concrete and Gold' on the programme.

Before the 'Learn to Fly' group were confirmed for ‘SNL', they teased fans with the billboards in various locations with their ‘FF’ logo and ‘X’, the Roman numeral for 10.

The hotly-anticipated record was "shelved" indefinitely, due to the pandemic, with no release date yet.

However, the former Nirvana drummer previously teased fans that it's "like their David Bowie 'Let's Dance' record".

The LP features a lot of old school dance sounds just like the late music legend's iconic 1983 LP, which was co-produced by groove master Nile Rodgers.

The frontman said in May: "I'm supposed to be on tour right now. "We were supposed to start the tour in the middle of April, and I was really looking forward to it, because we finished making a record, and the record is so good, and we were so excited for people to hear it, we were so excited to go out and play it.

"It's filled with these anthemic, huge, sing-along rock songs. It's weird, because it's almost like a dance record in a weird way - not an EDM, disco, modern dance record.

"It's got groove, man. To me, it's like our David Bowie's 'Let's Dance' record. That's what we wanted to make, 'cause we were, like, 'Let's make this really up, fun record."