Yes, hello, the big musical news this weekend is that Foo Fighters are finally releasing the documentary Sonic Highways. The HBO docu-series debuted on October 17, matching the forthcoming release of their eponymous eighth studio album.

Foo Fighters
After heavy promotion via a full-scale HBO docuseries, the album will finally hit the shelves... err... playlists... today.

The album is as high-concept as it gets for Dave Grohl’s fivesome. Sonic Highways sees Dave Grohl’s band set up shop in eight different US cities in order to write a song in each, then film the results for an HBO series of the same name.

The cities chart a Great American Roadtrip, including landmarks of the US recording industry’s history from Washington and Chicago to New Orleans and Nashville. All were chosen for their significance to the band’s history and their stories are told in a series of TV interviews with the likes of Buddy Guy and Steve Albini.

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The album is out on November 11, for all you hardcore fans’ listening pleasure. It'll be available as a digital download, CD and - for all you hipsters and vintage music fans - vinyl. The album's lead single Something from Nothing was released on October 16, 2014.