Foo Fighters have ''shelved'' their new album indefinitely.

The US group have completed work on the follow-up to 2017's 'Concrete and Gold' but have no idea when it will be released because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Frontman Dave Grohl said: ''We've kind of shelved it for now to figure out exactly when it's going to happen.''

While he's in isolation at home with his wife Jordan Blum and their daughters, Violet, 14, Harper, 11, and Ophelia, five, Dave isn't even picking up the guitar because he's so exhausted from working on the album.

He admitted: ''By the time we finish and I'm satisfied, it's such a release that I'm really not anxious to jump back into it.''

But one way Dave isn't passing his time is by homeschooling his children as he's found they are happy to educate each other.

He said: ''Being a high school dropout, I'm really not fond of the whole process.

''But I actually just walked out of the room where my 11 year old, Harper, is teaching my five-and-a-half year old, Ophelia, how to write and teaching her about earthquakes and volcanoes.

''My 11 year old is turning into the teacher. It's amazing.''

The 'Everlong' hitmakers have had to postpone a string of 25th anniversary tour dates due to the pandemic and Dave admitted he was very disappointed to do so.

He added to Q magazine: ''I think we were supposed to start touring this week and I was so f***ing excited to hit the road, so excited to play these new songs, but all of that took a backseat to what's going on.''