The rumours that The Foo Fighters are splitting up have been well and truly quelled by lead singer Dave Grohl, who says the band are just on a break, reports Reuters.

"I can't give up this band. And I never will. Because it's not just a band to me. It's my life. It's my family. It's my world" Dave Grohl said. According to MTV the much loved frontman had previously sparked rumours that the band were nearing an end by telling fans at a New York festival on Saturday saying "I don't know when we're going to do it again," but his recent comments will allay their rock fan's fears stating: "Yes... I was serious. I'm not sure when the Foo Fighters are going to play again. It feels strange to say that, but it's a good thing for all of us to go away for a while. It's one of the reasons we're still here." .

Their hiatus will see Grohl - who formed the band after the death of Kurt Cobain, who he played with in Nirvana - release a documentary film and album project called Sound City that's been well over a year in the making. "It could be the biggest, most important project I've ever worked on," he said. It's no wonder he wants to get back into making records again, though, The Foo Fighters are a multiple Grammy award winning band, and with hit tunes like Everlong, Times Like These and Learn To Fly selling millions of records, he'll want to carry on their remarkable success.