Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett has revealed to Rolling Stone that the band have already begun making the follow-up to their last album, 2011's Wasting Light. Shiflett revealed that, after taking a "short hiatus" as a band, he and the rest of the band have already begun making their next album, with recording for the project expected to begin at the beginning of 2014.

Chris Shiflett
Guitarist Chris Shiflett said the new Foo's album will be here in about a year

"We actually just started making a new Foo Fighters record within the last few weeks. We've started rehearsing," Shiflett told RS, mirroring comments made by the band's frontman Dave Grohl last week. Shiflett went one step further than Grohl however, revealing that that band are "going to start recording the new Foo Fighters record at the beginning of next year."

Last week (16 August), Grohl appeared on UK radio station XFM to also discuss the next direction for the band, admitting that the album will be a big step for the already accomplished rockers as they attempt to bring something new to their fans. He said, "It's not ready to happen right now, but I think next year is going to be a really big year for the Foo Fighters without question," before hinting that the album will "not be a conventional record."

He continued, "We are going to make this album in a way that no one's ever done before, and we're pretty excited about it."

Taylor Hawkins, Pat Smear, Dave Grohl, Chris Shiflett and Nate Mendel
Taylor Hawkins (L), Pat Smear (M-L), Dave Grohl (M),
Nate Mendel (M-R) and Chris Shiflett (R) attending this years Grammys

Last October frontman Grohl announced that the band were going on hiatus indefinitely after a run of extensive touring on the back of the release of Wasting Light. He wrote on FaceBook, "I'm not sure when the Foo Fighters are going to play again," sending shockwaves through the band's fan-base that this might be it. When the band performed for the last time a year ago, he also said that it would be the last time for a long time until the band perform ago, so with the news of a new album coming out so soon after this 'hiatus,' are we to assume that Grohl was exaggerating, or maybe the band have decided to give up touring? We couldn't say, but we shall keep you updated with album news as it develops.

Dave Grohl
Frontman Dave Grohl sparked rumours that the band may split last year