The rocker/director's musical trip through America was a big hit when it aired last year (14) and as Grohl prepares for the DVD launch of the show, he reveals there might be more to come, inspired by his drummer Taylor Hawkins' love of British rock music.

Grohl says, "There might be a season two. There are a lot of studios. Taylor is one to ask about the U.K. studios; he's been to them all, even if they're kabob (kebab) shops now. He'll show up and be like, 'You guys know that they f**king recorded Queen's The Game (album) in here, right?'"

Hawkins adds, "They're hallowed ground. I think they're churches, man... There used to be one in Munich (Germany) where Queen recorded a bunch and ELO recorded a bunch, Stones, Zeppelin; it was called Musicland Studios.

"It's connected to a hotel and now it's a storage room. I went there and I made the lady walk me down to where it was... I'm like, 'Yeah, but Another One Bites The Dust was recorded right here'."

And Grohl has his sights set on a very special recording studio in London: "If we went to somewhere like Abbey Road it'd be fun to interview someone like Paul MCCartney or George Martin... Or go to say, Berlin, and interview someone like David Bowie or Iggy (Pop)... Or you could go to Manchester and interview the Happy Mondays."

In the first season of Sonic Highways, Grohl and his band uncovered the history of the music scene in Seattle, Los Angeles, New Orleans and New York, among other cities, and recorded a track for their Sonic Highways album at a fabled studio in each place.