Foals want to record their next album on a pecan nut farm.

The 'Inhaler' group recorded their first three albums in New York, Gothenburg in Sweden and London respectively, and for their fourth record would like to head to the American Deep South.

Speaking at the Barclay Card Mercury Prize in London last night (30.10.13), singer Yannis Philippakis told BANG Showbiz: ''There's a pecan nut farm somewhere, Sonic Ranch its called, in Texas, where there's just acres and acres of nuts, it would be cool to go and record there.''

The group missed out on taking home the Mercury Prize for third album 'Holy Fire' after James Blake was named winner, but feel being counted among the 12 nominees gives them ''artistic validation''.

Yannis added: ''I think it's important for us to be nominated - it definitely feels like and artistic validation to be nominated for it. It's one of the last prizes or awards that feels like its got an artistic integrity and unpredictability to it.''

The band - who was also nominated for the Mercury Prize for second album 'Total Life Forever' in 2010 - are also flattered when they hear elements of their sound in younger bands.

Guitarist Jimmy Smith said: ''I think it's nice to feel like we've had some sort of dent or impact on the musical landscape. I've seen it a little bit, but it's mainly the guitars to be honest, and maybe we ripped that off from somewhere else. These things get passed around, music is a common language.''