Review of Hummer Single by Foals

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Foals Hummer Single

Pitched somewhere between the feverish dance-funk of The Rapture and Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames, Foals' latest effort fizzes with bleeps and cymbals without really getting anywhere interesting.

There's nothing here that sets 'Hummer' over and above the rest of the scene's current fixation with post-punk rhythms and shouty vocals, although it's bound to go down a stormer in indie clubs nationwide - the treated 'we are everywhere' mantra during one of the breakdowns comes across as cheeky wishful thinking nonetheless.

And, please guys, haven't we had enough of cowbells yet? Flip-side 'Astonauts and All' is moderately more interesting, actually having something resembling a tune, but to all intents and purposes the two tracks might as well be joined into one such is the homogeneity of the backing rhythm. Disappointing.

Owen Lloyd

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