Florence Welch will be wearing Gucci during her US and European tour.

The stylish popstar will have her wardrobe designed by the label's creative director Frida Giannini, with a series of fall outfits from the Italian fashion house ready in time for Florence + the Machine's 'Ceremonials' tour, which kicks off September 14.

Florence has already used the expertise of Frida for concerts before and the pair have bonded over fashion.

Florence said: ''I was immediately drawn to the drama of the collection when I first saw it on the runway.

''I am so grateful to Frida and feel very fortunate to be collaborating with Gucci again.''

Frida says it has been ''inspiring'' to watch Florence evolve as an artist and is ''delighted'' to work with the musician again.

She also revealed Florence's on-stage look, describing it as romantic and modern, oozing ''dark glamour and dramatic sensuality''.

Florence is renowned for her style now but she recently revealed she was ''a cross dresser'' at the start of her career.

She said: ''I was like a cross-dresser but really it was just out of laziness. At times I looked like a cross between Annie Hall and [TV presenter] Bruce Forsyth.

''I went through a period of a couple of years when I'd wear just anything. I was on the road with boys in the band and I'd just wear all their clothes.

''I'd grab a pair of their trousers and throw one of their shirts on.

''It never incurred to me it was odd or I may have looked strange. I was getting around on a bike and it was just easy.''