Florence Welch broke the same bone in her foot as David Beckham when she fell off stage at Coachella.

The 'What Kind of Man' singer was left with the agonising injury after she fell off stage during her performance at the music festival in Indio, California, in April.

The break was to the third metatarsal, the same bone David snapped ahead of the 2002 soccer World Cup in Japan, a common ailment suffered by professional players.

In an interview with ES Magazine, she said: ''I'd broken my third metatarsal - which is apparently the same bone that David Beckham broke just before the World Cup in 2002.''

The Florence + the Machine frontwoman was left with the injury after deciding to jump off the stage in an attempt to whip up excitement among her fans in the desert.

She said: ''You want to get to the people because it's all about connecting and it was the last song, 'Dog Days (Are Over) and I wanted to encourage everyone to be free ... I was telling everyone to take their clothes off.

''I still had a bra on but then I thought, 'Sh*t everyone at this end still has their clothes on, I've got to get down to these people' ... and I jumped off the stage, quite quickly, barefoot.

She added: ''I knew I'd done something but I just kept running and then I landed on my knees. It was quite dramatic: I literally just couldn't walk any more. I managed to crawl back on stage and my security gad to come and find me because I'd just curled up behind one of the speakers.''