Florence Welch feels her best when she hasn't slept.

The Florence and the Machine singer feels "special" when she realises she has stayed awake for over 24 hours but knows The Feeling won't last for long.

She said: "My favourite mode of being is having not slept.

"You know when you've been at a party and the dawn rises? Everything seems to be really open.

"The reason why it's so special is because you know that it's going to crash.

"As soon as you go to sleep, you know everything will be reset double and work will be double.

"You've had that one day when everything is glorious and you know everything is going to be doubly difficult afterwards."

Florence also recalled a dream she had about her late grandmother, admitting she was surprised to receive "practical" advice in her nocturnal vision.

She told Britain's Vogue magazine: "It was the first time I'd seen her since she died when I was 11. I was having a regular dream and then she was just there.

"There's this amazing Thom Gunn poem about seeing a dead lover in a dream, and he says it was as if death was undone.

"That was what it was like. I threw my arms round her legs and she actually said, 'Concentrate'. It was strangely practical advice for a dead person."