Florence Welch claims her career is ''basically over''.

The Florence + the Machine singer insists she has ''nothing'' to write about at the moment because she is so content with her life and joked she needs someone to break her heart again to give her inspiration.

She said: ''If only they all knew it's basically over. I have nothing to write about. I'm happy. But not too much. Just right.

''How can I write another album now? I'll have to find an awful texter to fall for - you look like terrible news, come and devastate me.''

The 29-year-old star also admitted she was very reluctant to release the group's most recent album, 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful', because the songs were so personal to her.

She told Q magazine: ''I remember when the album as finally finished I was in LA and I was in the corner of my hotel room crying because I didn't want to release it. Like, 'Not this one. This one is too much. The next one we'll release. Can we keep this one? I'll just keep it.' 'Well, we've spent quite a lot of money on trumpets. It'd be good if we were to release it.'

''It was so uncomfortable because it was so close to me. For it to be embraced by so many so quickly.''