Florence Welch had to be held back from ''dive-bombing'' Haim at Glastonbury.

The Florence + the Machine singer - who has stepped in to headline in the place of Foo Fighters this year - is a regular attendee at the music festival and admits she overindulged the last time she went as she didn't have to perform.

She said: ''When I turned up on the Thursday last time, I wasn't even playing, this was the year I had off.

''I was like, 'I'll get there on the Thursday and all of a sudden it was Friday morning and my sister was trying to hold me back because I was trying to dive-bomb Haim in their interviews for the BBC.

''My sister was grabbing me by the legs and pulling me back, like, 'You are not even here to play! Get back!'''

And the 'Ship To Wreck' hitmaker's wild ways even saw her get lost as she tried to find the Pyramid Stage.

She told NME magazine: ''Then I learned Arctic Monkeys were playing and we were trying to get onto the stage but we went through the wrong door and ended up in front of the crowd in the moshpit.''