Florence + The MAChine have been bumped up the bill to replace headliners the Foo Fighters after frontman Dave Grohl broke his leg at a show in Sweden and cancelled the band's Friday night slot on the fabled Pyramid stage.

Cocker's group Pulp found themselves in a similar position back in 1995, when the Stone Roses axed their headline set at Glastonbury after guitarist John Squire broke his collarbone in a mountain-biking accident.

Pulp stepped in to take over, and Cocker has now reached out to Welch by writing an open letter to give her some tips before the big show.

In the official 2015 Glastonbury Festival newspaper, Cocker writes, "Dear Florence, The folks at the Glastonbury Free Press thought that maybe I could give you some useful tips on how to step into the shoes of a headline band that have had to cancel their performance due to broken bones... Arrive early... We had to camp on site because all hotels in the area had been booked up months before... We managed to pick up the atmosphere of Glastonbury during that time - I suggest you try and do the same... Find a robust chair... I was nervous about performing in front of that many people and no doubt you will be too. This is where the chair comes in handy. In the hours immediately preceding our show, I became utterly convinced that I was going to have some kind of accident that would prevent from me from being able to take the stage. I decided I needed to sit down to minimise the chance of injuring myself. The only chairs available in the backstage enclosure were those white plastic garden furniture type things, which are unstable at the best of times. Do yourself a favour: bring something sturdy with you..."

Cocker concludes the letter by joking, "Break a leg Just kidding!... Please don't break a leg. (You broke your foot at Coachella anyway, so what are the odds?) Please do have a fantastic show."

Welch's headline set at Glastonbury comes after she broke her foot during her set at the Coachella festival in California in April (15).