Florence Welch had to be guided home by kids after getting lost on her bike in London.

The 'Dog Days Are Over' singer was riding around her home city when she realised she had no idea which direction her house was in.

She said: ''I do have a tendency to get lost.

''The other week I got lost and had to ask these kids for help. They were like, 'Oh my God, oh my God, it's Florence!' and I was like, 'Yes it is, now can you help me?'

''But they got so flustered they didn't know where they were going either. As soon as they'd calmed down they cycled me back.''

But despite her terrible sense of direction, the 25-year-old Florence and the Machine star likes to cycle whenever she can to get the creative juices flowing.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''It's good for me, especially when I'm away on the road. I'm always on planes, in cars, in vans so it's so nice having that. It also sets free your imagination.

''My dad is a really keen cyclist so that's where I get it from, it runs in our family.

''As a kid I thought it was the coolest thing where you do that thing and flip your leg over the bike while you're still riding.''

Her custom-made Wheels have been attracting the attention of all kinds of people. She explained: ''I've got a really amazing bicycle that Bobbin bikes made me.

''It's so beautiful. It's black with burgundy flowers on it.

''I heard the best description of it when I was riding through Soho the other day. Some drunk guy pointed and shouted, 'It's like a funeral for tiny animals!' It was perfect.''