Florence Welch ''didn't know who she was'' the first time she played Glastonbury.

The singer's band, Florence + The Machine - who stepped in to headline in place of Foo fighters last night (26.06.15) - performed on the final night of the festival during her first appearance there, but she overdid it for the rest of the weekend and is still amazed she managed to make it on the stage.

She said: ''For my first gig at Glastonbury I had to be dragged from someone else's tent by a friend - this was the year of the apocalyptic mud.

''It was the first gig I'd ever done on the Sunday and I arrived on a Thursday, so by the time it came to Sunday, I didn't even know who I was, let alone where I was, whose tent I was in and a friend had to drag me to the gig.

''My guitarist had gone completely missing and Suggs was trying to stall for time by doing an impression of Mick Jagger.

''I don't know how I made it to the Main Stage, because by rights I should've been face down in the mud somewhere.''

Despite being a regular attendee at the famous festival, Florence doesn't recommend people ask her for advice as she is so ''useless''.

She admitted to NME magazine: ''I'm not the most practical person to talk to about advice for Glastonbury - I don't know how to pace myself, I don't bring any warm clothes or wet things, I've gone to Glastonbury twice without a tent.

''In fact, I'm useless at giving help.''