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Floetry Flo'ology Album

Album Review

After the huge success of their Mercury nominated "Floetic" album three years ago the UK woke up to the fact that more and more British, talented, soul/R'n'b artists are having to move to the US to make it into the big time. These guys moved across the Atlantic and they've never looked back, writing tunes for their luminaries such as Michael Jackson and Jill Scott was only the beginning as they wowed everyone with their chilled, soulfull vibes interrupted here and there with funky hip hop (with a beautiful British twang!!)

Floetry's first album was great and I was eagerly anticipating the next one, if you're after more of the same, it certainly won't disappoint. I hoped that "Flo'ology" might give us one tune that blasts out their sound and shows us how diverse they can be but you have to turn to a remix of Bob Marley's "wait in vain" to check diverse and the link up tune with Common, "Supastar" for anything more than soft beats. Having said that, this is certainly a more polished album than "Floetic", with some beautifully laid back tracks like "Sometimes you make me smile", "Closer" and "Imagination" reminding us of the brilliant flow that singer Marsha Ambrosius and emcee Natalie Stewart make when they combine.

I'm a firm believer that if you instantly love every track on an album, you'll probably get bored of it within a couple of months, a real lasting album grows on you and this album is a grower. There are instant hits here, "Closer" and "Supastar" are obvious candidates for singles, but it took me a good few listens to start wanting to come back to the rest. It did draw me back though, certain tunes that I didn't think twice about when I first listened to them pulled me back in, "Feelings" really grabbed me, reminding me of an old style Michael Jackson track, beautiful!

This is certainly an album for a cosy night in, and what better to do when it's so damn cold out there at the moment? Sit back, stick the fire on, turn it up and feel proud that these guys are flying the British flag for us.