Flo Rida's manager was ejected from the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers game on Monday night (June 3, 2013) for trash talking! Flo Rida was seemingly enjoying the game when his manager began verbally attacking Pacers player Jeff Pandergraph who was sitting on the bench. We have no idea why he started doing this.

According to TMZ.com, TNT's side-line reporter Craig Sager rushed over to find out what the fuss was about to find Flo Rida's manager yelling at Pendergraph. "It actually was Flo Rida's manager who was ejected," he explained, "He and Pendergraph had been going back and forth. He got to be such a distraction that the officials came over and tried to eject him. He wanted to stay."

No word yet from Flo Rida, though he presumably wasn't best pleased about having to sit on his own for the remainder of the game. He reportedly told his man, "You're my manager, but you've got to get out of here now." The huge Heat fan had tweeted of his excitement before the game, telling followers, "Lets go @MiamiHEAT!!!"

Flo Rida, who was wearing a HUGE gold and diamond encrusted necklace, will have ultimately been happy with the result. The Heat absolutely smashed the Pacers to book their place in the NBA Finals, against the San Antonio Spurs.

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