Fleur East and her husband have been able to ''reset'' their relationship during lockdown.

The 'Sax' singer has hailed the last few months of being at home more due to the coronavirus pandemic a ''blessing'' because it allowed her and spouse Marcel to slow down and reconnect with one another.

She told Heat magazine: ''Lockdown was such a blessing for us, actually, because we're normally so busy. If anything, it's like we've done a reset and realised how crucial it is to spend time together.

''It's going to be really hard now to re-adjust to being apart from each other.''

The couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary in June and because they couldn't go out to mark the occasion, they built a ''den'' within their home.

Fleur said: ''I made a little den in the living room, so we got inside the den, had Champagne, looked over all our wedding photos and videos and just reflected over our first year of marriage.''

Fleur's dad sadly passed away in March and while it was ''difficult'' to cope with her loss, she was thankful she could grieve in private.

She said: ''It was so difficult in the beginning.

''My mum decided to quarantine with me so we were a lot closer than we normally were.

''To be honest, I feel like lockdown made it easier for me to deal with my grief, because I didn't have to face the world immediately.''

While she's seen the positives of the last few months, the 32-year-old singer admitted it was tough releasing her new album, 'Fearless', under such circumstances.

She said: ''Releasing an album and not being able to promote it or go on tour was tough. As an independent artist, it was doubly hard.

''We still put the album out and it actually got to number 14 on iTunes so people did get behind it, which was incredible. But I was so excited to do my tour. We'll just have to wait and see when we can gather again.''