Fleur East has been inspired to succeed by her axing from the Syco record label.

The 33-year-old pop star signed a deal with Syco after appearing on 'The X Factor' but she was later dumped by Simon Cowell's record label - and she admits that's been a great source of inspiration for her.

She said: "When I left Syco I felt really burnt. I had achieved my dreams, got a massive record label - then was literally put on the shelf.

"I was left questioning my talent, whether I was worthy of having that opportunity. That was hardest."

Fleur also conceded that joining a reality show represents a huge career risk for wannabe music stars.

The London-born singer - who came second on 'The X Factor' in 2014 - told Metro's Guilty Pleasures column: "I went into it knowing it's huge and could go one way or the other. I had to accept that risk.

"I knew my career could take off or I might not work again in the industry as there is a stigma attached to it. And when you try and go back they know you tried to go on 'The X Factor' and it didn't work.

"It's a cliche, 'This is my last chance' but a lot of the time it is."

Meanwhile, Fleur recently revealed that she's facing pressure from her family to have kids.

The singer is currently doing "10,000 things at once" and while she'd eventually love to have children with her husband Marcel Badiane-Robin, she insists it's not her priority.

She shared: "Everyone in my life is begging me to have kids. It’s got to that stage.

"Me and my husband are really driven and doing a lot with our own careers. He’s into fashion and I’m doing 10,000 things at once.

"We definitely want to have a family for sure but we’re not putting pressure on it. Our mums would say different, they’re itching now. They want grandchildren.

"My mum isn’t a grandmother yet. She’s saying, ‘Give me my grand-babies'."