Fleetwood Mac star Mick Fleetwood planned to emigrate to Australia and even bought a house in the country before his dream of moving Down Under fell apart.

The British musician has lived in the U.S. since the 1970s, and became a citizen in 2006, but admits he once gave up his green card so he could swap America for Australia.

Fleetwood bought a sprawling stately home in Mittagong, New South Wales and spent six years trying to make his Down Under plan work before he gave up.

He tells Australia's Herald Sun newspaper, "I love Australia so much I tried to emigrate there. I fell in love with your country on one of the tours, found a place to live. I gave up my green card and fully intended to do this whole thing. In truth it was too much too soon. It fell apart over a five or six-year period. It just didn't work out.''

Fleetwood, 65, still dreams of living in Australia, but insists he is now too old and settled to make such a big move, adding, "I would do it again, for sure, if I was 25 years younger. I think Australia is a great country for young people to go there and make a go of it."

The musician will be returning to the country in November (13) to tour with Fleetwood Mac.