The bassist joined his bandmates for their hotly-anticipated reunion in 2013, but they ended up axing shows in Australia and New Zealand when he was diagnosed with cancer.

MCVie, 69, underwent treatment and returned to the line-up to rejoin them on the road several months later, but he has now revealed he will be with Fleetwood Mac for "not much longer" as the extensive travelling is wearing him out.

Asked how long the veteran band can go on for, MCVie tells Mojo magazine, "Not much longer, for me anyway. It's not the music - it's the peripherals, the travelling. Mick (Fleetwood) will go on until they put him up against the wall and shoot him.

"I do flash on it, what must I f**king look like, this old fart up there. But I look out and there's kids, and kids on their shoulders now, and they all seem to be having a good time.

"It's sort of worrying... Jesus Christ, will there still be a demand when I'm 75?"