Fleetwood Mac are planning to release a new album.

The legendary band - who kick off their 'Unleashed' tour in Glasgow, Scotland, on Thursday (22.10.09) - want to go back into the studio next year to start work on their first LP of original material since 2003's 'Say You Will'.

Singer Stevie Nicks says fans have a lot more to look forward to from the band, but say they can only start recording when they complete their dates.

She said: "When we're on the road, we barely have time to go and have a meal, let alone write new material. But in January we'll have a meeting and decide what to do."

The legendary singer also claims the band - who were notorious hellraisers during their 70s peak - have finally grown-up and are having a great time on the road.

She added: "Fleetwood Mac still presents some amazing opportunities. Around thirty years ago, we were all so self-absorbed that we couldn't see out of our own corner. Things are a lot more fun now."