Flavor Flav has fired back at trolls for "bullying" Jelly Roll off social media.

The 65-year-old rapper has come to the defence of the 'Wild Ones' hitmaker, 39, after his wife Bunnie XO revealed he had stepped away from the online world over cruel comments about his weight.

Flavor Flav wrote on his Instagram Story: "Y'all gone and bullied one of THE NICEST guys off social media...

"My man helping so many people everyday better their lives... LOVE me some JellyRoll and Bunnie... NOT COOL."

Taking to X, the 'Fight the Power' star shared a video as he pointed out how Jelly Roll "does so much for people and communities through his music and activism".

He urged people to think about the impact of their words and actions, while remembering that an actual person is reading their comments.

He added: "For all of y'all that's trying to judge my boy, Jelly Roll, I think y'all need to take a step back and judge yourselves.

"Because y'all judging him is not going to stop him from being successful."

Speaking on her 'Dumb Blonde' podcast, Bunnie revealed her man was stepping back from social media.

She said: "My husband got off the internet because he is so tired of being bullied about his weight, and that makes me want to cry, because he is the sweetest angel baby.

"My husband doesn’t show it to you guys, but I’m going to have a very vulnerable moment here. It hurts him.

"The internet can say whatever they want about you and they say, ‘You’re a celebrity. You’re supposed to be able to handle it.’ No we’re not. Enough is enough.

"Don’t bully people, because you never know where they are mentally. There are a lot of people who are not as strong as me, that are on the internet, and they don’t deserve to be bullied."