The first post-arrest report on Flavor Flav, who was arrested on charges of domestic violence yesterday morning, has been released, detailing that the rapper went way overboard with his attack.

According to TMZ, who are believed to have access to the official police report on the incident, violently hurled his fiancee to the ground twice before ripping out one of her earrings and then chased her teenage son around the house brandishing a knife in each hand. Flav then allegedly kicked down a locked door that the 17-year-old son had taken refuge behind and threatened to kill him. It was around this time that the police responded to a distress call and Flav was taken into the custody of the Las Vegas Police.

The report is also said to give Flav's defence, in which he denies chasing the teenager with the knives and threatening to kill him afterwards, although he does admit to causing harm to his fiancee.

The alleged assault is said to have taken place following an argument between Flav and his 39-year-old fiancee, during which he was accused of cheating by his would-be wife.

For the time being, Flav has been released on bail held at $23,000 and is expected back in court next week.