FKA Twigs has teased fans she is set to release new music this week.

The 33-year-old singer - whose real name is Tahliah Barnett - has excited her supporters after taking to Instagram to hint at a new release in the coming days.

She wrote: "did someone say they wanted new music? might have something for you this week… (sic)"

Some fans speculated that it could be a collaboration with Dua Lipa, after the 25-year-old singer admitted in November the pair had recorded a song together.

Dua said at the time: "[Twigs is] working on some new stuff and she hit me up and was like, 'Do you wanna get in the studio? Should we do something together?'

"We made a song that we both really love."

And in October, Twigs revealed she wrote and recorded an album - a follow up to her 2019 record 'Magdalene' - during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

She said: "I just decided one day. It was third of the way through and I just went and did it.

"It was really amazing because I worked predominantly with an amazing artist and producer called El Guincho, and I did the whole thing with pretty much all of the collaborators over FaceTime.

"I was working with people I’d never met and we did the whole thing over FaceTime and it was great because I couldn’t go in the studio at the beginning so I was getting beats and writing melodies in the day with El Guincho.

"And then in the night I would call some of my friends in America who made music and I would have a glass of wine and chill and write lyrics and talk about what the songs mean.

"So, I was able to do everything from my phone and I had a really brilliant time."