FKA Twigs never went to concerts as a youngster.

The 27-year-old star - who is dating 'Twilight' actor Robert Pattinson - insisted she's never had much of an interest in celebrities so focused on her own talents instead of going and seeing musicians when she was younger.

Asked if she ever hung outside shows to meet famous people as a teenager, she said: ''I never did that! I never went to any shows. I went to ballet class, or opera lessons. I was a bit too focused when I was a kid.

''I've never had that, 'Oh my god, I've gotta wait backstage!'''

The 'Two Weeks' singer revealed she still has no interest in fame and has only ever felt starstruck when she met Prince, with whom she played table tennis.

She explained: ''I met Prince when he did a little show at Paisley Park in Minneapolis, where I supported him. I was a little bit like, 'Wow. I met Prince.' Because he is, obviously, so epic. But even then, he just gave me some black currant juice and we played table tennis.''

And she confessed her feelings about superstars mean she has no desire to become part of Taylor Swift's exclusive ''squad''.

She told Paper magazine: ''I think Taylor Swift is great, but I wouldn't necessarily think, 'Oh my god, I have to be friends with her.' When I meet fans, they're quite creative and intelligent, kind, sensitive. Some are old ladies, witch doctors from Louisiana, kids that have just left art school. Gay or lesbian couples, straight middle-aged couples.''