Review of The Golden Hour Album by Firewater

The Golden Hour album review from Firewater released through Bloodshot.

Firewater The Golden Hour Album

There's such a mix of styles and sounds on this album it's hard to properly convey the way it moves. A nice starting point would be to imagine Mark Lanegan fronting a bangra inspired rock group.

The Golden hour is the sixth studio record released by the group which was set up by Tod A, who writes most of the music, the inspiration for this record seems to have come from Tod's time travelling through India, Pakistan and Indonesia. At first the amalgamation of influences don't seem to sit too well but the feeling soon becomes a lot more comfortable and make a fascinating listen.

There's a hypnotic feel but it's also accompanied by some true power, much like how Devotchka manage to include Baltic influences, Firewater manage to do the same with Asian and middle eastern sounds. There's not many bands doing something genuinely different and those that do often don't really pull it off, Firewater have, this is an album you'll want to share with your friends. Go in with an open mind and you'll find a lot of enjoyment.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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