Fiona Shaw is too ''exhausted'' to hang out with her 'Killing Eve' cast mates.

The 62-year-old actress admitted she doesn't have the time to go out for dinner with Jodie Comer or Sandra Oh when they're filming the drama because a long day of filming leaves her ''shattered''.

She told Good Housekeeping magazine: ''A lot of people ask us in America, 'Do you hang out together?' We don't. We're exhausted!

''I think people think we all go out to dinner at the end of the day, but when we're working, we're absolutely shattered and have to get up again the next day.''

Fiona admitted the wave of tiredness only came over her ''very recently'' and she's realised it's a sign of getting older.

She said: ''Very recently I had infinite amounts of energy and then you suddenly find you're tired and noting that's happening rather a lot, but you're just older.

''In my 20s, I used to stay up all night and do a matinee, then do an evening show and collapse somewhere. Those days are long gone.''

When she does have free time, the 'Harry Potter' actress - who is married to economist Dr. Sonali Deraniyagala - values spending time in nature and prioritises her old friends because she knows she'll never meet anyone like them again.

She added: ''A few months ago, we went to Sri Lanka, looking at birds and animals, nature and watching the eclipse. Those things are more and more precious.

''Also, I try to see my friends as much as I can because you can never make old friends again.

''They are the holders of your history, so you need them. Friendship is so important.''