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Distance and Time
Ninja Tune
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Fink is Fin Greenall, a singer-songwriter and DJ from Brighton, whose mahogany voice recalls a more serious Jack Johnson, a Dave Matthews, a funkier John Martyn or a deeper, more soulful Jose Gonzalez. Distance and Time itself recalls the more recent, more mellow, Dave Matthews a great deal - as a singer-songwriter, Greenall's soulful voice draws the listener in with its hypnotic rhythms below. If anything, Distance and Time has a lot more in it than any recent Matthews release - the songs come strong and deep. Opener Trouble's What You're In, This Is The Thing (used perfectly in a Mastercard ad), If Only and Blueberry Pancakes is a run of songs matched by very few British singer-songwriters these past few years.

Lyrically, there is a great Lilly Allen edge to the realism - Blueberry Pancakes touches on some heartfelt honesty in its recollections. If there is a criticism, it is that the album runs the same vibe throughout - there isn't much change of pace or slackening of the tension. Distance and Time is Fink's most mainstream album, and his best - this is an album that should enjoy a wider audience.

Fink Distance and Time Album


Mike Rea

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