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Distance and Time
Album Review

Fink Distance and Time Album

Fink is back with a new album 'Distance And Time'. Indeed the success of his first album 'Biscuits For Breakfast' propelled this outfit to fame out of nothing. I'm sure he couldn't have predicted playing a plethora of great gigs and festivals and supporting Zero 7 without ever having played a gig with his band before. It must have been quite overwhelming.

Obviously one would learn a lot as a band playing to huge crowds and watching the reaction of the music lovers. This album is all about a live band sound that could play to a large crowd. 'Distance And Time' is though a wonderful collection of songs that have sweet serenity and honest conviction. There's genuine folk soul and moody blues. The lyrics are warm and have a positive vibe yet questioning perspective. It's very much from the Jose Gonzalez skool of thought. The music is subtle yet engrossing that focuses on acoustic sounds with the attitude of John Martyn and also a dub element from the soundsystem. It's all good.

Yes I'll say it again Fink is all good. There's no denying there's some genuine soul coming through on 'Distance And Time'. It's all very soothing, real and the honesty of this outfit is too original to ignore.

Dom Gourlay

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