Finding Nemo warmed the hearts of cinema-goers 9 years ago when it was first released and now it is doing the same thing again after it has been released in Digital 3D.

Critics and audiences alike have applauded the detail put into the new production already, with many claiming that the film was made to be shot in 3D. And if going to see Finding Nemo in 3D was not enough to get you excited, then perhaps the chance to see how the Toy Story toys are dealing with life after Andy will encourage you to go. The new short, titled Partysaurus Rex, will precede the feature presentation in typical Pixar fashion, with Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang returning to the screen again, this time with Rex taking centre stage.

But Nemo news isn't over just yet, as it looks as though the prospect of Finding Nemo 2 is looking more and more like becoming reality. Ellen Degeneres, who starred as Dory in the first film, and writer and original director Andrew Stanton are allegedly both in talks to return under the sea for the much-awaited sequel, with the project set to come to fruition in 2016.